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Here are some thoughts about our upcoming music

Some interesting items about Masonic Composers


Franz Josef Haydn, and Mrs Haydn (Maria Anna Aloysia Apollonia Keller) did not get along.  The marriage was a mismatch which produced no children and from which divorce was not possible at that time so each had a lover(s).  Franz was therefore delighted to make two long trips to London where he was exceedingly popular with the ladies, and wrote his last 12 symphonies, called appropriately “The London Symphonies”.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart worked for the Archbishop of Saltsburg and was apparently not happy in his position, now was the archbishop, who actually kicked him (with boot) out of the Cathedral in 1777.

  Young Wolfgang visited the empress or Austria, Maria Theresa and had a crush on her daughter, Marie Antoinette.  He said “I am going to marry this girl”.  The childhood romance did not lead to marriage and Maria married Louis XVI and lost her head in the French Revolution.

  In Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute”  the Queen of the night is really the Empress, Maria Theresa, who was also well known for having created the ”Morality Police" in Austria.


Jean Sibelius is usually pictured as bald.  He was notoriously vain. One day while shaving he spotted a grey hair on his head (or thinning hair, depending on which version one reads). As this “imperfection” was unacceptable he shaved his head.


Franz Liszt was a virtuoso pianist and composer who was the darling of European nobility.  He has many loves and the one with Marie d'Agoult

produced a daughter, Cosima, who married Richard Wagner.  Liszt was also well known as a teacher and passionate advocate of new music.


Irving Berlin was born in Russia in 1888 and immigrated to the US at age 5.  While ethnically Jewish, Berlin was a Freemason and a member of Munn Lodge no. 190, New York City. He was a staunch advocate of civil rights, which earned him the enmity of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.  He died in 1989 at the age of 101 in New York.