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The very nature of art, including classical orchestral and choral music, is that discrimination of any kind is unconscionable and that it must be a universal human experience. At the same time, the Hendricks Symphonic Society understands that persons of non-European male backgrounds and heritages have very often been excluded from participation in or enjoyment of classical music, either by design or by engrained culture and tradition. We acknowledge this history of exclusion and wish to help correct it, believing that a diversity of influences from as many cultures as possible can only further the growth of these arts forms, and that they should be fully open to enjoyment by all without barriers.


To that end, we are dedicating ourselves to creating an environment that is welcoming to persons of all backgrounds. Diversity should be included and reflected in multiple aspects of our operations, including our Board of Directors, our artistic programming, our musicians, our volunteers, and our audience. We shall make decisions on such matters with a goal of achieving greater inclusivity in, and strenuously avoiding any discrimination based on, ethnicity, cultural background, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, disability, religion, or any other kind of categorization that denigrates human dignity. We also welcome having an ongoing dialogue with persons from any or all of these historically-underrepresented groups about how we can be open and welcoming to everyone.

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