Box Office:             Sell tickets at the door on concert dates

 Time: One hour before concert through intermission


Ushers:                   Collect tickets, assist patrons, and monitor concert hall doors during performances

 Time: 1 hour before through 30 minutes after concert


Hosting:                  Set-up, serve, and clean-up refreshments for concerts

Time: 30 minutes before concert, intermission, and 30 minutes after the concert


Stage Hands          Set-up and tear-down of risers, stage seating and equipment

 Time: 90 minutes before dress rehearsal and 40 minutes after final concert


Security                  Monitor back stage areas during events

 Time: 45 minutes before through 30 minutes after event


Media Team           Record, video tape and photograph events. Compile media into presentations or


 Time: 1-4 hours or more


Fundraising           Help plan and execute fundraising events, solicit program advertising, and obtain

 sponsors and grants

 Time: 15 minutes to several hours


Publicity                Promote the Symphonic Society through contacts, flyers, HSS newsletter, events, and

 other means

 Time: Time varies based on task


Data Entry             Many business and clerical needs arise throughout the year such as designing and

printing flyers and brochures, processing grant paperwork, and data entry

Time: Time varies based on task



Committee Membership

The HSS has some standing committees that need many people who wish to be a more integral part of HSS to staff them.

  • Tickets and Publicity

  • Finance and Fundraising

  • Board of Directors

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